$10.99 JP’s Meal Deal*

Combination of $7.99 lunch entrée,

  a crispy springroll,

soup du jour and

fountain/soda drink or fresh brewed iced tea.  

·                       *Additional charges will be applied to choices other than

·                       $7.99 entrée, Chicken or tofu and Jasmine rice.


Don’t want a meal deal?

Add* a crispy springroll for $.99

Add* Soup du Jour for $.65

*Available with lunch entree purchase only.

How to order:

1. Choose a lunch entrée: Stir-fry, Curry, or Rice/Noodles

2. Choose your protein: chicken, pork, tofu at no charge

    Top Sirloin Beef (add $2.50) or Shrimp (add $5.50)

3. Choose your heat level: All curries starts at .5!











Thai Hot


4. Choose your rice: Jasmine or Forbidden (add $1.95)

    Except for rice/noodles lunch entrees.



Edamame Steamed  Soybean pods steamed 3.95

Crab Pockets w/ rich creamy crab filling 5.95

Crispy Spring Rolls Chicken & mixed veggies 5.95


Wok-Charred Edamame  Seasoned soybean 4.95

Pot Stickers Pan-Fried. Filled w/ chicken 6.95

Stir-fry and Curry Lunch Entrees are Served w/ Jasmine Rice. Forbidden Rice +$1.95

All lunch entrees comes with choice of Chicken or Tofu. Top Sirloin Beef +$2.50, Shrimp +$5.50

NEWSTIR-FRies $7.99

Thai Basil~Chicken and green beans w/ basil sauce. 

Zesty Ginger~Chicken with bokchoy & fresh ginger w/ sesame brown sauce.
Eden Veggies~
Mix veggies w/ chicken in soybean-brown sauce.

STIR-FRies $8.99 and +

Sweet and Sour-Thai Style No deep-frying. Chicken caramel coated w/ sweet pineapple-cucumber sauce. 8.99

NEWUncle Som’s Pad Ped Go traditional! Chicken, green beans&Thai eggplant stir-fried w/ eggplant-chili sauce. 9.99


CURRies $7.99

        Green ~Chicken/green beans/zucchini in green chili curry sauce.

        Red~ Chicken/green beans/bamboo shoots in dried red chili sauce.

        Panaeng~ Chicken/green beans/kaffir leaves in Panaeng sauce.

        Yellow~Chicken/potatoes/carrots in mild yellow curry sauce.

CURRies $8.99 and +

Pumpkin~Pumpkin cubes & chicken infused in red curry sauce. 8.99

Mango~Mango chunks & chicken in mild yellow curry sauce. 8.99



Pad Thai Chicken This Thai national noodle dish “is spot- on, harmoniously sweet, salty and tangy” - Howard Seftel, Arizona Republic.

Takeda Fried Rice Stir-fried w/ chicken, eggs & tomatoes.

NEWPineapple Fried Rice Stir-fried w/ chicken and pineapple chunks and raisins.

RICE/NOODLES $8.99 and +

Spicy Noodles Wide noodles with chicken stir-fried with rich basil sauce. 8.99

Pad See-ew  Wide noodles stir-fried with chicken, light sweet soy sauce, eggs and broccoli. 8.99

Uncle Som’s Fried Rice Chicken w/ pad ped sauce.8.99

NEWKorobe Fried Rice A blend of multigrain forbidden rice stir -fried with chicken and broccoli crowns. 9.99

Kuey Tew~Chicken Noodle Soup Pho Noodle Soup. 8.99


                Homemade Coconut Ice Cream 5.99                                        Cookie Dough Ice Cream 4.99   


Notice: A $.75 charge will be added to your final bill on payments made with Discover or American Express.